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“Everlasting love” 


Freja is a mélange of black teas gently flavoured with papaya, apricot, blackcurrant, peach and raspberry. The namesake of this fragrant blend is the Old Norse goddess of love and fertility. For over twelve centuries, Scandinavians have sought her guidance in romance, heavenly oversight upon those beloved and blessings for a prosperous harvest. This lively and luscious combination honours her passionate and bountiful heart.



“Creator’s choice” 


August is a combination of green tea with strawberries, cherries and lavender yielding the lustrous sensations reminiscent of our lighthearted summer evenings. Particularly in Sweden, the red strawberry fields glow amongst endless vistas of flowers and fruits deep through the countryside during August. This soothing and carefree blend also bears the same name – August – as the creator’s beloved son. 

DK ́89 




DK ́89 is a feel-good rooibos tea showcasing roses, oranges, sunflowers, lemongrass, cornflowers, mallow and strawberries. We invite you to taste the beauty of this rainbow celebrating Denmark for becoming the first country in the world to legally recognise same-sex unions in 1989, followed by Norway and Sweden. HØEG proudly offer this lively blend that commemorates our Scandinavian values rooted in open-mindedness, equality and respect for human dignity.

Into the Wild 


“Discover the wildness” 


Into the Wild is a black tea carefully decorated with rhubarb, elderflower and blackcurrant inspired by the intriguing and captivating depths of Scandinavian wilderness. Within the forests of the far north are tempestuous winters beholding a splendour treasured by the adventurous, keen for the magnificent reward of their exploration. This HØEG blend brings you the effervescence of this enthralling and undiscovered land.



”All directions point south” 


Nord is a black tea spiced with rhubarb, strawberries and vanilla inspired the trading journeys of the Norsemen. Although they established a reputation for being ruthless, the Norsemen were also known as honest, reliable and open to other cultures. From Russia to Constantinople to Baghdad, they traded everything from spices to silk to fruits. When the Norsemen embarked on their trading journeys, Scandinavia was the starting point for their numerous adventures and this HØEG blend embodies the fruitfulness their journeys.



“Every moment is history” 


Tokyo Nights is an illustrious combination of green and herbal teas, matcha, Yerba mate, mango, lingonberry, lemon, sunflower and vanilla that is rich in flavour and antioxidants with slightly higher levels of caffeine. Once the sun goes down in Tokyo the city turns into a mesmerising display of light and energy. This HØEG offering reflects the healthy lifestyle of the Japanese people and the alluring vigour of one of the world’s most fascinating cities.



“A morning of indulgence”


Frukost is a strong and full-bodied blend with floral notes and a tingling nutty aftertaste. The word ‘frukost’ is Swedish for breakfast and Danish for lunch. As this selection pairs splendidly with food, HØEG invites you to match Frukost with any meal.



“A gem from the north”


Sapphire Snow embodies the robust, redolent air of the north, spiced with bergamot oil; Sapphire Snow is our rendition of Earl Grey. The crispness of this HØEG blend parallels the vastness and open-air of the glacier lake of southeast Iceland, Jökulsárlón, well-known for its luminous blue icebergs.





Tilla is a blend of black tea with bergamot, sunflowers, mallow, roses and hibiscus that will bring you strength and exuberance in your morning hours. Named after our founder’s daughter, Mathilda, this fresh and energetic fusion radiates in the same fashion as her bright smile and contagious energy.



”The wind from the east”


Kochi is a blend of black tea, raspberry, vanilla and lemon that will sooth and rejuvenate your rested soul. It is the literary name for the east wind in Japanese, which begins to blow when the crisp air softens and the cherry blossoms flower. The warm east wind exhaling from the Pacific Ocean brings spring to Japanese archipelago and is captured by this vitalising blend from HØEG.